Raincoast Crisps

Raincoast CrispsA cracker is a cracker is a cracker, right? Uhm, no. It is not. Lesley Stowe has bumped the little cracker into a whole other universe of flavor with the Raincoast crisps. They’re crispy and crunchy, but not in that “make the roof of your mouth bleed” kind of way. My personal favorite is the original seeded version that is both toasty and nutty but they also have these unbelievable flavors;

  • Rosemary, raisin & pecan crisps
  • Cranberry & hazelnut crisps
  • Fig & olive crisps
  • Salty date & almond crisps
  • Cinnamon & raisin crisps

TRY THEM! You will NOT be disappointed.

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