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Artisan & Specialty Products

Special products you can use in your home kitchen

Artisan foods are lovingly crafted by people who are passionate about quality and yet many home cooks think that they are just for professional chefs or rich snobs. This is simply not the case. Try something new made by someone who loves food as much as you do because there is no mistaking the difference between mass produced and proudly handcrafted.

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Guest Chef Recipes

Professional recipes you can make at home

Local and international chefs share their recipes with Fig & Pepper and I try my best to make them proud by re-creating those dishes in my own kitchen. You don't have to be a chef to make amazing food; you just have to be willing to try.

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Events & Reviews

Events and Reviews from Fig and Pepper

Openings, events, reviews of new places, or write ups of my favorite places to eat. Restaurants, diners, wineries, or even food carts- if I eat it and I love it, it will probably end up right here.

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