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O Olive Oil- Gourmet Oils & Vinegars

I’ll admit that I get a little excited with the arrival of a parcel. When that parcel is filled with artisan crafted gourmet oils and vinegars I become positively manic. I am a lover of great oils and of tangy vinegars and the gang at O Olive Oil from California were kind enough to send me some of theirs. Now that I’ve tried them all I must admit that I’m a little hesitant to cook with them. Not because it wouldn’t be delicious, but because I’m seriously having a hard time restraining myself from simply drinking them.

Straight from the bottle.

Yes. They really are that good. Once you try an oil or a vinegar lovingly made in small batches with premium local ingredients you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. So let’s take a little walk through my O Olive Oil experience

Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

This isn’t oil “infused” with flavor like most- they actually crush organic Meyer lemons together with their California Mission olives. This gives it a deep and very distinct lemon flavor, and also means you don’t miss out on the sharp zest of the peel like you tend to with infused oils. Besides the obvious salads I’m dying to make with it I’m planing on poaching some Halibut in all of that silky lemon goodness very soon.

Blood Orange Olive Oil

I was extremely surprised by this oil because unless I’m actually eating an orange, it’s not a favorite flavor of mine. I knew I’d love the lemon, but Blood orange? As it turns out, it might actually be my favorite. There is no mistaking the explosion of blood orange and like their others, the organic fruit is crushed right in with the olives. It’s really bright and sweet without tasting like dessert.

California Balsamic

It’s small batch made and aged in Sonoma oak so it’s deep and rich and finishes with a beautiful sweet but tangy bite. Because of their local products but traditional crafting O Olive Oil has produced a gorgeous product with more than 30 times lower levels of lead than most European made balsamic. This is 100% fan-freaking-tastic

White Balsamic

I don’t often go in for the whites as other than a few exceptions I usually find them lacking- like a watered down version of something better. This one has the expected apple/grape/nutty flavors but with a depth that took me by surprise. This is not watered down version of anything. This baby stands alone and you can taste the love they put into it.

Champagne Vinegar

What you’d expect, only a whole lot better. A subtle dry champagne flavor with a really crisp finish. As soon as I can get my hands of a giant bunch of peppery arugula, this little bottle of heaven will be jumping into action. My husband had a small pleasure meltdown when pairing this one with the Blood Orange Olive Oil and a chunk of fresh bread.

These products are just a small sample of what they have available- everything from a jalapeno lime or ruby grapefruit oil to a pomegranate or zinfandel vinegar. You can purchase online and the cost is shockingly reasonable for the quality you receive.

As a final note, obviously O stands for olive oil, but it also stands for orgasm.

Coincidence? I think not.

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