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Kootenay Alpine Cheese Company

So I get home from a long day of doing nothing and discover a box of cheese waiting for me! I seriously love my job. People send me Cheese!

These two chunks of gorgeousness come compliments of The Harris Family from Kootenay Alpine Cheese Company. Their completely organic small batch artisan cheeses come solely from whole raw milk from their own grass fed herd and you can definitely taste that these are some very happy cows. Not only are they certified organic by the Pacific Agriculture Certification Society, but they also promote sustainable agriculture, do not use pesticides or hormones and even run a large portion of their plant with solar power. Their cheeses are hand rubbed, aged a minimum of 60 days and lovingly turned by true craftsmen. Visit them in person and they’ll even introduce you to their cows!


This is a fairly firm cheese that still somehow¬† manages to remain creamy. It’s got a smooth silky texture with a really earthy after taste that makes it obvious these are pure grass and clover cows. It’s flavorful without being heavy and I thoroughly enjoyed nearly half the block all by my wee self.


Firm but almost flaky and slightly crumbly, this is an incredible cheese that my husband and I are both absolutely bananas about. This is not a quiet cheese- there is nothing subtle about the deep rich nutty flavor that lingers on your palate. It’s sharp and bold and is their premium reserve cheese, which after tasting it, I can see precisely why.

Kootenay Alpine Cheeses can be bought on line, through out Canada, and in New York. Visit these guys- you will not regret it!

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