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Black & Beck Artisan Foods – Plum Fiesta!

Have you ever wondered what the word “Artisan” means when it comes to food? Well, to be perfectly honest, Mary Ellen Black of Black and Beck is the epitome of Artisan with hand pitted, hand pressed, and made from fruit harvested within 100 miles of their family home. They harvest from the Rossland, Salmo, The Slocan Valley, and Castlegar areas of BC from homes and orchards who either have an excess of ripe fruit of are not interested in picking their own in conjunction with the Harvest Rescue program. They also work closely with Bear Aware, picking fruit to keep bears out of harms way in residential areas. This is a family that are passionate about food, and even more importantly, passionate about responsible food production.

Tonight we had them BOTH with a plate of miscellaneous smoked and cured meats, cheeses and veggies. Tomorrow I’m making thick cut french toast.

Black and Beck Plum Sauces

Yum Plum Original Dipping Sauce

I’m actually struggling with what to say about this sauce as it’s a whole new level of deliciousness for me. Seriously people, who could have thought to combine non-spray plums, organic cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, organic raw sugar cane, date, organic onion, ginger, organic garlic and the unexpected pop of mustard seed and organic spices? It’s velvety and rich with a strong but savory fruit flavor.  As I write this I’m dipping applewood smoked cheddar into the it and it is out of this world good. I honestly can’t say enough about this dipping sauce.

Plush Spiced Plum Syrup

You know how when you bite into a beautiful piece of ripe fruit and you get that watery tang in the back of your jaw? Imagine that in a bottle of plum syrup that has an incredibly luscious (or perhaps PLUSH) kick of anise. It’s both savory and sweet and such a surprising combination of flavor that you will simply have to take a spoonful of it on it’s own to revel in the goodness.

Black & Beck Artisan Foods currently do not have a website (it’s in the works and I will post it when it’s done) But if you would like to try out these or any of their other products just email them to arrange payment and shipping and I SWEAR that you will not be disappointed.

Black & Beck Artisan Foods- Check out their blog!!!!!

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